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Sierra’s Story

Highway 16

My memoirs as remembered of my beautiful daughter

Sierra Marie Krizman

Sierra was and is in my heart forever more. This angel was blessed to her Mother and I in 1986 in Grand Junction, CO. This perfect little sole came to our young family, a twenty two year old mother, a father of twenty three and a sister of three, all ready to embrace this little girl. My memory seems to come in and out of clarity regarding these early years of fatherhood; pictures seem to stimulate the process and some days are better than others. Love always surrounded our family then and continues to this day, but I must admit as a young father I remember how often I was in a hurry. Looking back now, I wish these times were more savored, more appreciated; things seemed to be happening so fast for our family when sis was born. It was a time when we as such a young couple were buying our first home which seemed so impossible in itself, chaos was the norm and we never had a dull moment. Our little girls were our life; most of our friends had not started their families so our girls were an attraction to many of these future moms and dads. It was always strange to go to school functions when the girls were in elementary. Lisa and I were generally much younger than the other parents and we were so proud of the fact that we had such well behaved children. This by no means suggests that they were perfect, only in our eyes I’m sure. Sherrell was always prim and proper, and Sierra on the other hand, was kind of thrown together so to speak. This child wanted nothing other than to be with and like her older sister. Sierra was the shadow of her sister and mimicked her whenever possible. Like I mentioned, my memory fades, but to this day I cannot recall an argument between the two of these girls, Sierra wouldn’t have it, her older sister walked on water, she always took her side right or wrong. When reflecting back to Sierra in her very young years, the image of her is always sporting a Kool-Aid mustache with hair going in every direction. Lisa was forever keeping her up, but by the middle of the day that had all changed. I can never remember her not being happy, though if she got mad it never lasted and nothing ever seemed to be too important to her for very long. I do remember the tight braids that would slant her eyes, Lisa would work hard to get them just right only to have them frayed and wild by lunch, and the braids seemed to get tighter over time.

Today, I am only able to remember short dreams of Sierra after I wake and for some reason they are of these early memories, three to five years old. Why, I don’t have a clue. I long to go back to that time when life was so simple and everyday was fresh and without regret; when getting up and in the day was not even a thought. Why does life become so complicated, why is our little girl gone from my embrace, what is the master plan for such deep pain. My faith, my faith, my faith… I believe that God will provide these answers. I believe this and looking back on Sierra’s life on this earth I know He had a predestined path for our little Angel. Why else was she so good? It can’t be anything else! We were so blessed to have her for almost twenty one years. Why didn’t I realize just how special she was to all of us? I want to hold her so bad I ache from my soul; I want to tell her how much I love her. The image of her lifeless body tears at my mind, my worst hours come with these images, this was not Sierra but they surface and I have to beat them down with happier memories, so many happy memories.

Jesus, I accept you as my savior, please lift this burden of grief from my family, lessen our hurt and help us to more understand your way. God, thank you for the blessings in my life, most of all for my wife and children, they are my future on this earth and I pray for their safety. I am trying to be strong Lord, your promise is my resolve, I give glory to You.

Sierra was a friend to so many; she never met a stranger, really. Sierra would always take the time to be there for everyone in her life, and I mean everyone. This little girl was always on the go and it never was for selfish reasons. She was putting herself through college so that she could help kids. She didn’t care what it paid; just that she loved little people so much. I so looked forward to the day she would have her own classroom and how I couldn’t wait to drop in and see her working with all of the children, working in her element. I sometimes picture her in Heaven conducting class for all of the children that left this world too early. How comforting would this be to all of the parents of these kids knowing Sierra is up there with their precious angels. Sierra talked about how she would have her mom as a room mother and show and tell days to include Sherrell, Ty and me, and to show off her little niece. It was her dream, it was our dream. Her teachers in elementary were inspirational in her life and I used to think they impacted her so greatly, after listening to them talk of her, maybe she was their inspiration. I think God knew that Sierra would not be able to leave the problems of her students behind in the classroom. Neglected and abused children would have been her burden to bear, there would have been too many for her, but she would have tried to resolve them all. It would have been a lifelong struggle, because it was who she was. So small of a body, yet so large was her heart, she made time for everybody. She was the one to sit in class with the slower students, the first with a hello or a smile and she so cared for kids with disabilities. I remember so many times she would come home with sad stories and remedies for ways to make it better for this kid or that kid.

As a young adult Sierra found so much time for everyone, and I mean everyone. She had such a way to make everyone feel special. She would take the time…she had “Ty days” for her brother, spending an entire day once a month only doing fun things with him and only him, he so looked forward to that. Growing up with five sisters, I don’t remember having that kind of bond with any of my siblings like Sierra and Ty shared; we loved each other but not quite like this. Again Ty was the brain child of Sherrell and Sierra, Lisa and I were quite content with two little girls but they begged us to have another baby. Thank you so much for that, Ty completed our family. Sierra knew we would need him later.

I want to add this paragraph from our 2006 family Christmas letter because it is fitting; Sierra loved this letter so it is important for us to share it.

Our middle child Sierra, her heart continues to amaze us, she is everything that is good in this world and she is not afraid to share her outlook on life with anyone and everyone. Sierra simply can’t wait to be an aunt and spends every extra cent on her soon-to-arrive niece. Even her cell phone ring tone from Sherrell is programmed to “is it time yet”. In her third year of college at UNC in elementary education, she continues to put herself through school being a nanny for a wonderful family with two little guys Rachel (6) and Case (1). Did I mention she works at a fitness club in daycare and tutors Ty on the side? I do my best to offset the liberal teachings from her professors in college to see the right side (redneck) on most of the issues. She pretends to agree with me, we love her!

Two weeks after writing this Christmas letter Sierra’s biggest dream to date came true, she was the aunt she always wanted to be, her niece was born December 20th, she was front row for the birth. It was her best day!

Darkness, total darkness as I started to come back to consciousness, my body was strapped to a bed, I screamed and struggled to free myself, a lady stepped into the room as I freed my arms. She told me to lie still, that I had passed out and fallen, my thoughts were foggy, my face and mouth throbbed, I could feel my tongue piercing through a hole in my bottom lip, and my tooth was broken off. For a moment I thought the nightmare was just that and for some other reason I lay in this hospital bed. The lady was a nurse and she explained that I had passed out while they were inserting a breathing tube in my little girls’ body. The nightmare was back and I cried as the nurse prayed with me. Sierra was losing a battle, but with what, no one knew. The medical staff was in slow motion, doing what they had been trained to do, but stumbling over one another, grasping at everything, total chaos. I had to call Sherrell we needed her with us, she has always been our rock and it was important to have her here. Things were happening so fast, our world was spinning out of control. Family has always been what we are about and we needed everyone with us, it was hell on earth and my worst nightmare was now a sickening reality happening before our eyes. Earlier in the day I had seen Sherrell and Dan on the highway as I was leaving town, it is vivid in my mind, at the stop light we rolled our windows down, don’t go by the house Ty and Sierra have the flu. We both understood the last thing we wanted was to get Makenna sick at such a tender age of 3 months; Sierra wouldn’t have had any of that. Little did we know, Ty had strep throat and Sierra was dying from meningitis and we were losing her by the minute. I would give anything I own, including my life, to have had just an inkling of an idea what was happening to her little body at that hour in the morning of April 9th 2007. It was a beautiful spring day, my intentions were to stay away from the flu bug at home, get some morning work done and maybe get nine holes in with some friends later that afternoon. About four o’ clock Lisa called to tell me that the doctor confirmed that Ty had strep throat and that she was taking Sierra into First Care to see why she wasn’t feeling any better, I would be home to sit with Ty shortly.

Meningitis is a disease that strikes with little warning and takes on the symptoms of a flu bug, stiff neck, sore throat and headache are what it hides behind before it kills or cripples you. If caught and treated within the first 12 to 24 hours, the effects can range from nothing to long and short term neurological problems, amputation of limbs or death. It can be contracted numerous ways: sharing a beverage, lip stick, food, any casual contact with a carrier, the disease is most prevalent in the 11 to 22 year old population. We were never warned of the disease or the seriousness to young people especially in places where there are high volumes of kids in these age ranges like high schools and colleges. The university Sierra attended does not make the vaccination mandatory so we were never privileged to information regarding the disease.

Sierra’s last words were “Daddy am I going to be okay?” and my response was a concerned “yes”, I was scared to death because she looked so sick but as her daddy I wanted her to feel comforted. We were terrified, the ER doctors were grasping at straws, and I could see their concern and knew they were at a loss. I begged them to take her somewhere she could get better care at any cost, we were desperate.

Lisa and I knew that she was going downhill fast and we would do anything to fix her, anything. We were told that until her vitals stabilized she couldn’t be moved from the hospital. They had a specialist on the way, and it seemed like an eternity. Sherrell, Dan and Makenna had arrived; Jeremy and Ty were on their way. It was a tough decision to bring Ty to the hospital as sick as he was, but all of us needed to be together in what would become our darkest hour. Calling Sherrell that night was the hardest thing I had ever done, we needed her there, but how could I tell her without sending her into a panic. I was a mess and we needed her, her best friend was fighting for her life and I didn’t have any time or options. Thank you Lord, for giving Sherrell to us. Best friends from the time they met, they always looked out for each other, and sister is not a word worthy for what they are to each other. Sierra cherished her big sister, would have gone to the ends of the earth for Sherrell, a relationship that words can’t explain, this makes the pain that much deeper for her. Sherrell helped mold this little girl into the beauty she had become, God, Lisa and our Relly, showered this child with love and she had blossomed into a real life angel on earth and we all knew it, we just didn’t know how short our time with her was going to be.

Easter Sunday, the day before Sierra got sick, we sat in church together and I remember how blessed our lives were, how perfect our family was, how beautiful this day was. Three healthy children, a great son-in-law, a beautiful new granddaughter, life was perfect and our future looked so promising. We were living a dream and we knew it. How quickly life can change…in an instant, as a family we are shattered and only the deep love we have for each other, the faith in our Lord, and our friendships, keep us going from day to day. Our future now is the present day, it is impossible to look forward without Sierra in our lives, it is impossible to explain how the emptiness affects you mentally and physically. Waking up every morning to again realize that it is real and not just a nightmare, seeing life without her is bittersweet, yet she would want us to rejoice and learn to be happy again. All of us are searching for peace of mind, signs from and about her every minute of every day, it consumes you.

The day of Sierra’s service was surreal, I remember standing there looking out as the masses of mourners poured into our beautiful church. Our life was at a complete standstill, yet I vividly remember looking out onto the street below and seeing how the world hadn’t stopped. Cars were whizzing by, people were in their day to day routines, their lives hadn’t changed yet our world had stopped turning. Nothing will ever be the same, nothing will ever be as sweet, when will this fog clear, when will this sadness recede, when will I be able to breathe again. The service was beautiful, Sierra would have been happy with how wonderful it was, she so loved our church, they did a beautiful job celebrating her life, and it is this life that we have committed our lives to. Lisa and I made a promise to each other over Sierra’s lifeless body, minutes after the doctor told us she was now in Heaven, that we would spend the rest of our lives trying to live as she had. Look for the good in everyone, help the less fortunate, and make the world a truly better place. We promised to reach out and spread the word about this deadly bacteria, so that we might save parents and families from the tragedy we find ourselves in, it is what we want it is what Sierra would want.

This short memoir is but just a glimpse into what Sierra was all about, we have hundreds of stories, letters and pictures, it would take thousands of pages and tears to truly give justice to such a beautiful life. We would love to share with anyone and everyone, our home is open as are our hearts. Please make it a priority in your life to spread the word about meningitis the killer of children.

Sierra we miss and love you so very much, we all long for the day we will again greet you in Heaven, to laugh, rejoice and sing to the greatest band of all time, Highway 16.

Love Dad

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Seeds Of Hope Charity http://www.myjammindjs.com/press-release/seeds-of-hope-charity/ http://www.myjammindjs.com/press-release/seeds-of-hope-charity/#comments Tue, 10 Mar 2015 05:31:24 +0000 http://www.myjammindjs.com/?p=4710 seeds-of-hope-logo


We LOVED working with you! The lighting was amazing, Cameron was very friendly, and our overall experience was wonderful. I wanted to thank you and your staff for helping make our event so successful! Your prices are very fair, your equipment is high quality, and our event flowed smoothly because of you. Thanks again for all your support of our great cause!

Take care,


Justin Zuiker |Director of Development

Seeds of Hope Charitable Trust

Direct: 303.715.3186| Main: 303.715.3127



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Miracle on 19th St. http://www.myjammindjs.com/press-release/miracle-on-19th-st/ http://www.myjammindjs.com/press-release/miracle-on-19th-st/#comments Tue, 10 Mar 2015 05:01:21 +0000 http://www.myjammindjs.com/?p=4697 Residents of the Historic Houston Heights continue to make history this Friday night, December 3rd, as they host their annual Holiday on 19th Street event. This special evening has been  a Houston area highlight for more than two decades amid a festive atmosphere filled with shopping bargains, refreshments, Santa, carolers and much more. “It’s like spending time inside an old traditional post card,”  said one shopper from last year, “everyone is full of the Christmas Cheer and there’s lots to see – antiques, clothing, books, original artwork and so many unique gifts.” The opportunity to Sip, Shop and Stroll down 19TH Street starts at 6 PM and ends at 10 PM.

But this year is extra special. The 19Th Street Merchant’s Association has chosen to give as well as receive. According to Merchant’s spokesman and shop owner Dan Long, “We are aware of the growing homeless problem in Houston – this Christmas, more children will be homeless than ever before. So we’ve decided to help.” he said.

And with that, 19TH Street created a miracle of giving. This year, visitors will be given the opportunity to Shop AND DROP for the Star of Hope Homeless Mission. Customers are encouraged to bring a new or gently worn blanket or a new toy to any of the participating 19Th Street merchants and DROP it into the donation box while they shop. In addition, some merchants will be offering discounts or free gifts for the donation – and many will donate a portion of the December 3rd proceeds to the Star of Hope Mission.

The Star of Hope reaches out to about 1,000 homeless men, women and children EVERY DAY – keeping them off the streets. We thank 19TH Street in the Heights for their small miracle and encourage everyone to take part in the Friday night event.


Bryan Evans
Dear Bryan,
I’d like to take a moment to personally thank you and your organization, JAMMIN’ DJs for your continued support and contribution to the annual Miracle on 19th Street event held on December 25th each year at the Denver ChopHouse.

We serve on average, 2,500 homeless and hungry, men, women and children each year on this day. We’re also able to provide them with optional flu shots, blood pressure checks, pictures with Santa or an individual or family portrait and gift.

Each year, we see guests beginning to wait in line outside, oftentimes in the bitter cold and sometimes the snow, around 7am. We don’t open the to the restaurant to begin serving warm meals until 10am so having JAMMIN’ DJs playing upbeat holiday music for our guests, keeps their spirits high and excited for all the holiday offerings we have planned throughout the day. Thank you for making the first impression our guests have of the event, a cheerful one. Such a small gesture means so much to so many.

This year, we’re also very fortunate to extend our most heartfelt thank you for hosting a toy drive that will benefit the youngest clients we serve at this event. We appreciate all you do for our event and look forward to a continued partnership for many years to come.

Kindest Regards,
Corinne Roth, CMP, DMCP
Miracle on 19th Street Event Coordinator
Craftworks Foundation – www.craftworksfoundation.org


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I Give First http://www.myjammindjs.com/press-release/i-give-first/ http://www.myjammindjs.com/press-release/i-give-first/#comments Tue, 10 Mar 2015 04:51:03 +0000 http://www.myjammindjs.com/?p=4684 englewoodcoc

There is no way to fully express our gratitude for your excellent service. Your support played a key role in the success of our event (Breasts of Colorado). We at The Greater Englewood Chamber are continually inspired by the dedication and generosity of people like you who answer the call to give, again and again.

Your DJ’s demeanor was that of a professional, with an extensive music collection, and playing several types of music, especially catering to our event. We can’t thank you enough and would highly recommend you and your professional crew to anyone and everyone.

Our Breasts of Colorado event raised over $9053, all of which went directly to Sense of Security, a support organization for breast cancer survivors. And we collected close to 2000 bras which were given to women shelters all over Denver.

We also want to thank you for handling situations that arose during our event planning, your professional personality and experience quickly smoothed over any tension or anxiety.We have received many favorable remarks about your DJ’s service and the style in which it was delivered; I hope we can arrange to have you at another event in the near future.

Thanks again,
Rosemarie Cabral,
The Greater Englewood Chamber of Commerce

Colleen Mello
Executive Director
The Greater Englewood Chamber of Commerce
3501 S. Broadway 2nd Floor, Englewood, CO 80013

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JAMMIN’ DJs and the Budlight “Up For Whatever Party” http://www.myjammindjs.com/blog/jammin-djs-and-the-budlight-up-for-anything-party/ http://www.myjammindjs.com/blog/jammin-djs-and-the-budlight-up-for-anything-party/#comments Wed, 07 Jan 2015 04:43:38 +0000 http://www.myjammindjs.com/?p=4493 476At JAMMIN’ DJs we take great pride and pleasure in every event, big or small that we get to be a part of.  The joy we get from playing music, lighting up an event or just being a small part of each party is seriously what it’s all about.  That said, some events just have that little tiny extra bit of awesome that makes our job just that much more worth it. Working with Budlight tends to give us some of the most fun and off the chain experiences.

One of the events we got to work with alongside Budlight AND the National Football League this season was the “Up For Whatever Party” on Denver’s only Monday night game of the season in week 16 against the Cincinnati Bengals.  Because of JAMMIN’ DJs relationship with Budlight, we weren’t only selected as the DJs of the incredible party but we also got to provide the lighting and help set up the entire event to it’s tip top rockingest state!

It was over a week ago and we are also still totally jacked about the entire experience. Where to start….

First off, did I mention the event was sponsored by Budlight, the NFL and the Denver Broncos and was517 held in the house and backyard of a lucky couple just a bit West of Sports Authority Field at Mile High (the Broncos’ home stadium).

Uh, cool.

They were provided with a giant screen and bleachers in their backyard where the biggest area of viewing would happen. They had a decked out  living room where they had a huge projector screen T.V and really a mood that was set to perfection by JAMMIN’ DJs up-lighting. The pictures just don’t do it justice for how freaking cool this place was. Even after the first layer of coolness and JAMMIN’ was rockin’ the lighting and music that people were already pumped!

Then we walked out to the living room fifteen minutes before the game was to start and our cool party had become one of the most kickass parties JAMMIN’ DJs has ever experienced.

497All time great Broncos, Karl Mecklenburg and Steve Watson were just casually standing in the living room, chatting with the fans and eating pulled pork sandwiches. Great right? Cooler than cool right? Well, behind the two ex-Broncos on a perfectly lit table, standing as two brilliant testaments to the Denver Broncos’ greatness, were the Lombardi Trophies from the ’97 and ’98 Broncos’ Championships.


As most of the woman stood around complimenting the couple on how great the house looked and how good the food was, the men were huddled together around the two great awards drooling like crazed, hungry puppies. No shame to admit that the JAMMIN’ fellas were very much a part of the drooling group of guys.


The one downside. ONE. Was that the Broncos lost to the Bengals after a poor game from Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos Special Teams.

Still, the Budlight “Up For Whatever Party” was nothing short of epic and JAMMIN’ DJs takes451 - Copy - Copy (2) immense pride in saying that we were a large part of the “awesomeness”.

Everyone who participated was over 21 and JAMMIN’ DJs, Budlight and the NFL were all together and will always be in like mind when asking EVERYONE to drink responsibly and to never drink and drive.

We can only hope and pray that we get an opportunity to work with Budlight the NFL and the Denver Broncos for many years to come!

506 - Copy - CopyGO BRONCOS!

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What You Should Know About Hiring The Right DJ Denver! http://www.myjammindjs.com/blog/what-you-should-know-about-hiring-the-right-dj-denver/ http://www.myjammindjs.com/blog/what-you-should-know-about-hiring-the-right-dj-denver/#comments Tue, 30 Dec 2014 03:39:50 +0000 http://www.myjammindjs.com/?p=4481 Harkey-754Congratulations! Your getting married!  Getting married is a very time consuming planning array of the utmost importance! This is the one thing that you will do to make the memories for the rest of your life. When you look back through pictures,video’s, Facebook and through your own thoughts you get the privilege of remembering all of the great things that happened during your wedding day. You took the time to research the right wedding venue, the right food,the right dress, the right flowers…Uh Oh, but the one thing you regret is that you used your Ipod to do your wedding, so the party was kind of dull, no one knew what was going on, the photographer didn’t get all of the right shots and dinner took 3 hours to get through.

These are the stories that we hear about all of the time. You didn’t take the time or spend the money to get a professional DJ service to communicate with all of the event staff, your photographer, or your guests. Wait there’s more, no one told YOU what was going on! The nightmare of planning the best wedding without thinking about the party.

JAMMIN’ DJs has been in business in the Denver area for over 15 years and has won several awards including the “Best In Weddings 2015” from the Knot Magazine. Our reputation,reviews and the many establishments we work with speak for themselves. Our hundreds of reviews through Wedding Wire will tell the tale of the caliber of service that we offer. Our Wedding DJs are highly trained to make sure that your event entertainment is a night that you will never forget! We specialize in many different services that you would hire a DJ for , so whether its a tailgate party with our JAMMbulance at your house or to a grand wedding, birthday, bat/ bar Mitzvah,Corporate party, we can service all of your needs!

Contact our professional staff today for a free consultation and let us keep the party going! Call us at 303-308-9700

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The Responsibility of the Disc Jockey http://www.myjammindjs.com/blog/the-responsibility-of-the-disc-jockey/ http://www.myjammindjs.com/blog/the-responsibility-of-the-disc-jockey/#comments Mon, 29 Sep 2014 07:35:42 +0000 http://www.myjammindjs.com/?p=4343 k

Jammin’ DJ’s is an award winning event company that has been serving the area for over 15 years. We pride ourselves on providing professional services. Our services include Professional DJ’s, Lighting & Decor, Photo Booths, Photography and Videography services.

So what is the “Responsibility of the Disc Jockey?”

In all of my years of being in the entertainment business one thing that has always blown my mind is when people say “You just play music…”

So not in the form of a rant, but more so to educate those that may not really understand everything that a DJ is truly responsible for and called upon to do at any given time.

We have the pleasure of working with some really great vendors! These vendors can cover all facets of items for an event:



Event/Party/Wedding Planner

Event Rental Company


Venue Staff/Coordinator


and a few others…

But what happens when it is a “friend of a cousin of a brother from another mother” kind of deal? They have an “idea” but really have no clue how things should go? Or worse yet, they are “new” and work for a company and still have no clue?

As a DJ you have to be able to accommodate to that at every event. Sometimes you do not need to do anything, other times you have to coordinate everything.

Wait a minute, what does that have to do with playing music? Is there even music playing right now? I’ll get to that in a moment.

There are a lot of times that as a DJ, when you go to coordinate times, events, etc., different vendors will have different timelines for what they are doing that night. Which of course makes sense, but on a larger level for the whole evening that timeline should match with the other vendors, so that everyone is on the same page, to make the event as successful as possible.

Again, you are just the DJ, what does this have to do with you?

As a Mobile DJ we are also 99% of the time the Master of Ceremonies (Emcee) for the event, people usually listen to the guy with the microphone.

Well yeah, but I have my Event Coordinator, Venue Coordinator, or Caterer taking care of all the timeline stuff…

What if you don’t have any of those? But you still hired a DJ? Is the responsibility of the DJ still just to play the music or keep everything together and on track as the Master of Ceremonies? Oh yeah, and the DJ literally found this out within the first 10 minutes of setting up? Our responsibility has changed dramatically and we need to be able to accommodate to this on a moments notice.

As a DJ, we read crowds and play the best music possible for the event and based upon what our clients want. But we also are now charged with taking on some of the responsibilities of other vendors to ensure the event goes as smoothly as possible.

For example, making sure the friend that does photography on the side is around for the important events. You don’t have an event planner, so making sure you know what is coming up and are ready for it. Realizing there is a dance floor to accommodate maybe 20 people, but you have 200+ in attendance, and that there must be room for this. You have food catered, but they just drop it off, and other people  or volunteers are putting the food out. The DJ has to know when food is ready to announce, is the DJ going to release tables or are the people putting food out going to?

Do we really need all these lights on? There isn’t a venue person, so who sets the mood lighting for the different periods of the night? The DJ does.

Oh wait, and the DJ is till playing music during this time as well.

So in closing, this isn’t meant in anyway to bash any of the wonderful vendors that we work with on a weekly basis, we truly cherish those relationships. This is meant to show there is a lot more than just playing music for a Mobile DJ.

Thank you for reading, and we would love to have your feedback on this article!

Jammin’ DJ’s is an award winning event company, and we look forward to working with you for your event to make it a day that is perfect. We pride ourselves on providing professional services. Our services include Professional DJ’s, Lighting & Decor, Photo Booths, Photography and Videography services.

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The Top 15 Wedding Fails [VIDEO] http://www.myjammindjs.com/blog/the-top-15-wedding-fails/ http://www.myjammindjs.com/blog/the-top-15-wedding-fails/#comments Fri, 11 Jul 2014 07:05:40 +0000 http://www.myjammindjs.com/?p=4307

Wedding planning, there are months and months of planning that go into it.  But even with the best planning things can happen, right?! Invitations – CHECK

Stress – CHECK

Caterer – CHECK

Stress – CHECK

Decorations – IN PROGRESS


Laughter – PRICELESS…

We know there is a lot of stress that surrounds the big day.  So laughter IS the best medicine right?  Forget about everything else and watch these bloopers and laugh it off with us.

This video is not intended to scare you or anything else like that.

This is the Jammin’ DJ’s version of America’s Funniest Home Videos!

What was your favorite one?

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The Top 13 Things You Shouldn’t Say To A Bridesmaid http://www.myjammindjs.com/blog/the-top-13-things-you-shouldnt-say-to-a-bridesmaid/ http://www.myjammindjs.com/blog/the-top-13-things-you-shouldnt-say-to-a-bridesmaid/#comments Wed, 09 Jul 2014 06:41:14 +0000 http://www.myjammindjs.com/?p=4294

These are the worst things that real brides have said…let us help you keep them from coming out of your mouth, eh?

The good people at The Knot put together the list of things that you probably shouldn’t say to your bridesmaids.

Now, before you say “I’m The Bride!” or “But, It’s My Day!”  Let’s stop and think about things and break this down.

First and foremost, this article is meant to be helpful to you, to help you deal with some of the things that may come up during the whole planning process and lead to the big day.

This article is not meant to say you are doing this or that, but more of a helpful tool to use when you are having one of those really stressed out days.

So the Top 13 Things You Shouldn’t Say To A Bridesmaid:

1. “I’m thinking weekend in Vegas for my Bachelorette!”

2. “My wedding, my wedding, my wedding. How are y– wait, that reminds me of another thing … about my wedding.”

3. “Surprise! I just picked out your (crazy-expensive) bridesmaid dress. Now all you have to do is pay for it.”

4. “Make sure you don’t look too good. I don’t want you upstaging me.”

5. “Let’s all get tans/Botox/personal trainers before the wedding.”

6. “Can you have your hair and makeup professionally done on my big day, and (cough) foot the bill?”

7. “I need you to cover up your tattoo for the wedding, Um-kay?”

8. “Here’s my wedding guest list of 100-plus; please invite them all to the shower you throw me.”

9. “Next six Saturdays: wedding factory at my place. Mandatory attendance, BT-dubs.”

10. “I know you’re a double D, but I’m loving this sheer backless bridesmaid dress.”

11. “Only married couples can bring dates to the reception. My apologies to your boyfriend.”

12. “I’m really disappointed in how (insert maid’s name here) has been performing.”

13. “It’s my day!” (Remember, you have a groom, too!)

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5 Things That Will Change The Way You Approach Denver Wedding Djs http://www.myjammindjs.com/blog/5-things-that-will-change-the-way-you-approach-denver-wedding-djs/ http://www.myjammindjs.com/blog/5-things-that-will-change-the-way-you-approach-denver-wedding-djs/#comments Wed, 25 Jun 2014 15:54:40 +0000 http://www.myjammindjs.com/?p=4284 BCA-2013-logo-smallJAMMIN’ DJs is Denver’s award winning wedding DJ service that has been serving the Denver area for the last 15 years. We have a substantial record with several reviews for our clients. We pride ourselves on providing top notch DJ service that is not only professional, but reliable. Your wedding day is hard enough without having to worry about who’s going to do the music and host the event. Our wedding DJ service is second to none when it comes to working with our brides & grooms. We cater to your needs by providing a FREE 30 day consultation to review your upcoming wedding and organized planning forms to make sure that nothing gets missed. We will set the event off right by making sure you don’t have to host your own event.

When using a Denver wedding DJ there are several questions you should ask. What kind of deposit is required, what type of equipment they are using, do they have any reviews, do they have a backup DJ ready in case there are any issues with the scheduled DJ just to name a few. Going with a “Cheap” service doesn’t always mean better. Cheaper DJs tend to be smaller companies that cannot provide the reliability and dependability that a larger one can. Make sure that you know what you are paying for before you sign a contract. Call around other djs companies and ask about the services they provide, that way you will know you are getting the best deal.

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