What’s the highest winning percentage in sports? Try the world famous Harlem Globetrotters. They’ve been dominating their arch rivals, the Washington Generals, for several decades now. Their record must be 10,000 and that one loss is even debatable, as the “official” scorebook didn’t agree with the results on the scoreboard.

Even with that winning streak, the Globetrotters bring their A-game, night in and night out. They’ve entertained millions in the U.S. and around the globe. These basketball ambassadors never get complacent, knowing that people are there
to see their antics and skill on display.

When I joined the NASPAA, I was asked what tips or advice I had for others. My response—enjoy what you do and have fun. But stay organized and never, ever become complacent.

My reference to the Harlem Globetrotters is most relevant because I had the amazing honor of being the P.A. announcer for a world tour for that team. Then, as a bonus, I was asked by their organization to announce the game for the television show, Celebrity Apprentice. That was probably my
biggest thrill as an announcer. Instead of voicing an event in front of 10,000 sports fans, my voice was heard through millions of television sets across the country.

Just like any other reputable organization, when I looked at the position with the Globetrotters, they flew me out for an audition, and the biggest thing I can tell our readers is to keep your composure,
stay professional, and try to not get caught up in the hype.

It’s the same for when you are working with any celebrity or star players. They are just like everyone else (in most cases), so keep your composure, act professional at all times, and do what you do best. Try not to get star struck and caught up in the moment. If you keep yourself professional and build solid relationships, one day it may lead to future high caliber events.

My current position is serving as public address announcer for the University of Colorado Buffaloes men’s basketball team. I’m also the field announcer for the CU football team. Over my 15 years in the
business, I’ve also announced soccer, boxing, volleyball, curling, rugby and baseball. The exposure and experience have also given me opportunities to emcee large productions and events.

Besides the Globetrotters, I was also honored to announce the Olympic trials, the USA boxing national championships, and the Churchill Cup.

There are always new events I’d like to be involved with. One dream, as a die-hard fan, would be to work with the Denver Broncos. That position is held by a great mentor and really good guy, and I hope he continues forever. But working for the Broncos is a dream of mine.

That announcer is also the voice of the Super Bowl, and he is one of many that I have observed and listened to over the years. I’ve learned from them and have refined what I do behind the mic. It
seems I’ve learned new things at each sporting event.

I would say that announcing has come naturally to me. I announce because I love the game and being part of something special. A sporting event has so much meaning to so many different people. Just look at the enthused faces of the young fans at a Globetrotter game and you will know what I mean.

When you can be a part of that memory and that passion, it is truly a gratifying feeling. My goal is to continue to earn a spot behind the mic at other great events and projects, both in the field of athletics and beyond.


I love my career so far and just aim to keep doing the best that I can in my profession.
Of course, I never want to become complacent. My advice to myself and others is
standard, but it’s worth repeating. Be sure to learn correct pronunciation of the players’ names! That way, you’ll never be embarrassed. Well, at least you’ll reduce the chance of embarrassment.

There was one time, and it was just recently, when I had been working out of town on a project. I got
back to Boulder and hurried to my job as men’s basketball P.A. announcer on the University of Colorado campus. As I was introducing the home team’s starting lineup, I announced to a nearly sold-out Coors Event Center crowd that one of the Buffs’ star players was from Los Angeles—Colorado. Needless to say, I was a little tired that night.

I guess my advice would be—even if you’re globetrotting, make sure you’re rested and During the basketball season, Murray announces Bu”alo games at Coors Event Center. ready when you turn on the mic!