Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Bar and Bat Mitzvah Trends

A Bar and Bats Mitzvah is the official recognition of the coming of age of a child in the Jewish faith. This rite of passage, celebration, and ceremony is quite anEverything You Need to Know About the Latest Bar and Bat Mitzvah Trends important element of the faith as it also recognizes the responsibilities that the boy or girl will have as they grow up. Simply put, a Bar and Bats Mitzvah is like any other party that involves food, drinks, music, and fun games. 

Nothing beats a magnificently unforgettable celebration – and that’s exactly what your kid’s transition to an adult should be like. From a spectacular theme to mouthwatering food selection to creative entertainment and much more, read on to learn the latest trends and tips for planning a Bat and Bat Mitzvah.

Emerging Trends for Unforgettable Bar and Bat Mitzvahs


  • Eco-Friendly Décor


A love for the environment is rapidly becoming mainstream among younger audiences with more kids growing interested in sustainability. As a result, eco-friendly décor and catering materials are growing popular with items like bamboo plates, wooden spoons, and paper straws. 


  • Food Court Style Buffet


In contrast to popular beliefs and practices, adults aren’t the only ones you should consider when picking the menu for the event. Kids have picky palates so you need to ensure you have a broad range of options to satisfy their taste buds. Instead of a typical buffet, you can mimic a food court with Bar and Bat Mitzvah colors, logos, and designs. 


  • Photo Booths


Sure, every kid at the party will probably own a smartphone to take real-time selfies and post on social media. Adding a custom photo booth will add additional entertainment value and encapsulate the event into their memories. Plus, you get to take home a souvenir, which is something not even the best phones in the market can offer. 


  • The Return of Low-Tech, Old School Games


Low tech games, such as trivia, aerial levitation, musical chairs, and mad balloon stomp are having a comeback after over a decade, thus allowing kids to put away their smartphones for a while and engage in physical activities to have a good time. 


  • Rules, Schedules!


No teenager is good at following rules, especially when they’re having fun at a party. They don’t care about the décor or following a schedule. Therefore, you have the chance to go all out in terms of creativity and mix the décor up. Mismatched seats, stools, unlabeled tables, and non-traditional playlists are all good as long as you do your homework. 

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