Early this season, Jammin’ DJ’s manager Bryan Evans DJed his one thousandth wedding. This weekend I sat down with him to discuss his experiences over the eleven years he has spent with Jammin’, and how he got to where he is today.

Bryan Evans began his DJing and hosting career young. Like so many DJ’s/hosts, Bryan began by performing at dances, parties, and raves when he was still in middle school and high school. After high school he moved into a more traditional nine to five career and started a family. It was once Bryan became a father that he decided to get back into DJing professionally for some extra cash. He decided to search on craigslist for DJ work, and after seeing a less than ideal ad for a different company, Bryan scrolled down to find one for Jammin’ DJ’s. Bryan decided to audition that weekend, and immediately fell in love with the professionalism and marketing prowess of Jammin’ DJ and owner John Murray. Less than a year later, after extensive training in 2009, Bryan Evans worked his first solo wedding for Jammin’ DJ’s at The Ranch Country Club. He had found his niche.

After speaking with and training alongside Bryan, I asked him about what he has learned over his tenure performing weddings with Jammin’. The most important lesson he conveyed to me is how important it is to COMMUNICATE. Communicate with EVERYONE, the venue, the planner, and most importantly communicate with the bride and groom. Bryan told me that so much of the work that needs to be done for a wedding can be completed BEFORE the actual ceremony and reception take place. Not only does communication make your job easier as a DJ, but it helps exude professionalism. That professionalism has helped Bryan Evans book a THOUSAND weddings, and it contributes significantly to one of his favorite aspects of his job. Because of that professionalism and communication Bryan has developed meaningful relationships that extend beyond the entertainment industry, and those relationships have led to him performing multiple weddings within the same family. He enjoys keeping up with his married couples and seeing them again when they refer him to their friends and families.

Everyone loves a wedding story, and Bryan Evans has a thousand of them, literally. Eleven years later he still exudes the same professionalism and perfectionist mentality, now with an added air of confidence. Due to that experience he essentially acts as a second wedding planner for the couple on their special day. Most importantly, performing weddings still brings Bryan Evans joy. So here’s to 1000 more, Bryan!