Walk into any party, club, or reception and you’re bound to see at least one. Every dance floor the world over is littered with these less than inventive dancers. As a performer and entertainer for nearly five years with Jammin’ DJ’s, I’ve encountered every imaginable dance style. However, some are so predictable that they border on stereotypical. Each with their own merits, here are five dancers you’ll see on nearly EVERY dance floor…

The Group Dancer – As a DJ, I think that I’ve encountered this dancer the most, so I felt like I should list them first. This is the dancer that requests Cupid

Shuffle three times in the same night. They know every choreographed dance imaginable, and prefer that the steps be explicitly laid out within the context of the lyrics. They crave order and consistency, so if the song playing doesn’t have it’s own specific dance steps, you’ll more than likely find them at the bar.

The Country Crew – Ah, yes. This group of dancers is slightly less common than the previous group, but equally as entertaining. Because, it IS entertaining to watch a gentleman in a bolo and cowboy boots attempt to teach an unsuspecting woman how to two-step to Pony by Ginuwine. If you can’t two-step or line dance to it, they’re not interested.

The Cinephile – Typically, this group only hits the floor if they recognize the song playing. That said, the only songs that they recognize are the ones from movies they’ve seen. And they’ve seen EVERYTHING… Usually more interested in laughing and having fun than how they look, this group of dancers is usually in the corner doing the Dirty Dancing lift or the Kid-N-Play choreo.

The Wanna B-Boy – Of the five, this set of dancers likely has the highest Blood Alcohol Level. You might remember them from attempting to do the worm at your middle school Sadie Hawkins. After a couple of drinks, this guy thinks he’s the best dancer in the room, and he’s less likely to impress you than he is to end up in an ambulance after a failed attempt at a headstand. Oh yeah, and he DEFINITELY put his tie around his forehead… Seriously, it’s a dead giveaway.

The Mess – To be honest, this one is my absolute favorite. Really, they’re EVERY DJ’s favorite. This group cares way more about having fun than how they look. They’re out on the dance floor all night, covered in sweat, bouncing up and down so far offbeat that it’s adorable. While they don’t look great, they make up for it in enthusiasm. Unlike the previous dancer, they’re not likely to end up in the hospital themselves, but there’s a chance that one of their flailing arms ends up hospitalizing a fellow guest.