Guest Of Honor Trivia

Our Emcee will ask Questions that relate to the Guest of Honor and are sporadically asked throughout the celebration. The first person to raise their hand will be called upon, and a prize is awarded if his/her answer is correct. Since some guests may know the honoree better than others, only one prize per person is awarded for this contest. Between 8 – 10 questions with the answers must be provided for the contest by the client, preferably by e-mail, 3 week before the event date. An example question may be: “What was the first sport that Adam played” What is Abby’s favorite flavor of Ice-Cream?” or “What is Levi’s pet’s name(s)?”

Name That Tune Trivia

Participants are asked to join a team between 4 – 6 people. Teammates then vote on a team leader to collect a “Name That Tune Trivia” sheet and pen from the DJ booth, and lead their team to victory! The first 10 seconds of 10 songs are played (with time in between for the team to discuss secretly the correct song title and artist.) Upon completion of the game, the answers are announced, and the winning team receives a prize!

Aerial Levitation

Teams of 10 people each with a long thin (so it’s somewhat flexible/not totally rigid) PVC pipe. Team members support the pipe high in the air just on their index fingers. Object is to be the first team to lower the pipe to the ground but
whole pipe must remain parallel to ground or judges force team to start from high position again.

Ants In Your Pants

Ants in your pants: Ask for people who can shake their booty real well. Give each
contestant a pedometer (get at any sporting goods store). Instruct them that they have to move as much as they can without lifting their feet from the floor. Play
something upbeat for one minute. Person with the highest number wins.

Musical Chairs

A classic game that can be played with children and adults. The more guests, the better! Everyone brings out his or her chair, the DJ will take one away. You start the music, and everyone goes around in a circle. As the music stops, everyone grabs a chair. The person left standing is out, and he/she takes a chair with them back to their seat. The Person remaining is the winner. 

Balloon Games

Popping Pump ‘Till It Pops

Get bellows-type pumps. Give each contestant a pump and a balloon. They have to attach the balloon to the pump, and inflate it by sitting down on the pump and
bouncing up and down. The first one to pop their balloon wins. For adults: guys sit on bellows with hoses coming out between their legs. Ladies hold a balloon on the end of the hose. Guys bounce up and down to pump up the balloons. First team to pop their balloon wins.

Mad Balloon Stomp

Tie a balloon to one of each contestants’ legs. When the music starts, everyone has to try to stomp on everyone else’s balloons, while keeping theirs’ from getting
stomped on. Picking up the balloon with the hands is not permitted. When someone’s balloon is popped, they are out. The last one with balloon intact is the
winner. Might want to outlaw people simply standing and holding their balloon foot up so nobody can get to their balloons.

Belly Bumper Balloons

Start with 4 or 6 belly bumpers or huge pool tubes (that people can climb through the middle of) and tie balloons to the handles of the tubes (so the balloons lie on the floor when the people pull the tubes up to their waists). Maybe also give the contestants inflatable football helmets to wear. Object is to pop other people’s
balloons before yours are all popped. When a person’s balloons are all popped, referee taps them and they have to stay exactly where they are (and not pop any
more balloons). Last one with balloons left wins. Don’t let them hold the balloons up in the air.


Oversize (triple-extra large) clothes (boxer shorts, vests, t-shirts) / balloons relay race. Lay clothes out at one end, balloons at other. Person runs to one side
where teammate puts boxer shorts on them (can’t dress themselves), runs to other end stuffs a balloon, runs to first end where teammate puts T-shirt on them,
etc. Good for adults too!

Balloon stuffing

(57 min on Club Mobile ‘93 videotape). Teams (preferably one male and one female per team). This could be introduced as “Ladies and gentlemen, now its time for our parade of beauties and I would like to introduce our contestants.” Have one person from each team don very large smocks. Have other member of each team stuff balloons into smock (in front, back, down sides, etc.) while the music is playing. Team with the most balloons stuffed at end wins. Start the parade with an announcement like “Now I know you’d like to get a closer look at all our beautiful contestants so now we’ll have our Parade of Beauties,” and put on an appropriate song like Big Butt by Jimmy Bobby and Critters. To count the balloons, pop them one at a time (and have the audience do the counting). Ask each contestant whether they want you go pop “slow and easy” or “fast and hard” before starting to pop their balloons. Have teams of more than two, one to be “stuffed,” the rest to BLOW UP and stuff the balloons.

Balloon Roulette / Balloon Sex

What you call it depends on the audience. Teams of two people each (teams can be same sex or mixed sex depending on situation). Have teammates face each other with a balloon held between their chests (chests only, no hands). Hold hands high above heads (to make sure they don’t touch the balloons). Teammates rotate in opposite directions (one to right, the other to left) one full turn until they are facing each other again. If team drops balloon or touches it with their hands, they are out. If no team drops it, the slowest team to turn is out. Last team left wins. After done can have all teams pop balloons between their chests by moving closer together (again, no hands). First team to pop balloon wins this part.

Race version:

Must carry balloons across room (or around a hula hoop or cone and back), but you call out between what body parts (head to head, back to back, cheek to cheek, hand to foot, toe to toe, etc.). If the balloon pops, can make the team blow up another one to take its place (or just make them be out).

Craziest Balloon Hats

Teams of two people, a “maker” and a “wearer.” Give out lots of already filled long balloons. The object is for the maker to twist and combine balloons into a hat that sits on the wearer’s head. The biggest, wildest hat wins. The hat must not be supported by anybody’s hand.

Balloons Are Popping

From DJ Expo August 2002 Wednesday Night DJ of the year competition. Line up chairs on dance floor. One person from each table or team sits on a chair. When music starts, they grab a balloon, run back to table/team, run back to chairs and pop it by sitting on it. Last person to pop the balloon is out. If needed, can eliminate people faster by removing a few chairs each round. Other See 0–e but doesn’t ha on page 69 and 0–n bellies and run e on page 71.


21:00 on BMP contest video. Have guest of honor go first. Eliminate contestants as they miss the basket. Make the hoop higher as rounds go on. Play sports music/themes in the background. Have a referee with a whistle. Variation: Teams of 3. 30 seconds per team. Teams stand in triangle, have a shooter, rebounder,
and runner. Keep going in circle. Each team has 30 seconds to get as many shots as they can–team with most baskets is winner.


Sherman Novelty big foam feet which come apart in puzzle pieces. Separate the feet into pieces and toss them everywhere. Each contestant straps the innermost
piece to their foot. When music starts, contestants have to step into the pieces until they have all of their pieces (first one wins).

As a team:

Have sets of cards (labeled A, B, C, and D so you have one set per team). Each card has the colors on it in a different order. Give the first card from each set to the first member from each team. Each person has to collect the pieces in the order that the colors are written on their card (only one foot), and then go to a referee who will verify that the pieces are in the right order. The referee then gives the next card from that set to the next person on that team and then takes the pieces off of the current person’s foot and throw/scatter them back out randomly (so the next people don’t have a chance to study and see where they are).

Prize Options:  JAMMIN’ DJs suggests having some kind of item to give away to the kids such as glow necklaces, glow rings, socks, etc.  For the games, we suggest having 8-10 prizes which can be gift cards such as iTunes, movie theaters etc, large candy bars or other novelty items.  We recommend visiting a website like Windy City Novelties or Sherman Party.
For a printable version of our games Click Here