The Importance of Event Lighting for a Successful EventWhen producing an event, there are many things to consider. From catering and staffing to the venue and location, the list goes on. But one thing that can make or break an occasion is event lighting. Your event’s lighting creates the ambiance, focuses the attention, and is an essential element of your aesthetic design.

In this post, we’ll share the importance of event lighting and how you can enhance any occasion with production lighting services

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The Importance of Proper Event Lighting

Whether it’s a residential structure, commercial property, or a public place, the easiest and cheapest way you can enhance the look of everything is through event lighting

Here’s why event lighting is important:


  • Enhances the Mood


Color affects our moods, and with the proper event lighting, you can help your guests feel more connected to the occasion. Bright colors bring about a joyous atmosphere, while darker colors are associated with nightlife. Depending on the theme and mood you want to set, you can set up lights with colors that evoke those feelings. 


  • Enhances the Overall Appearance and Ambiance


Lighting professionals can help create ambiance and set the tone of your event. If the venue’s walls seem dull, they can create light columns and project lights to decorate the ceiling and walls. Light technology is so versatile today that you can even change the color of the entire room. 


  • Entertain Your Guests


Lighting can entertain your guests as long as you use this tool properly. Whether elegant and classy or modern and hip, your event lighting sets the tone. Production lighting services can help you create displays and light shows to keep your guests interested, entertained, and engaged.


  • Allows the Photographer and Videographer to Capture Stunning Memories


Indoor events, especially at night, can be a poor place for good photographs and videos unless you set up proper event lighting. Whether it’s a wedding or a corporate event, you may want to capture memories, and this is where good lighting is important. 

5 Ways to Enhance Any Occasion with Proper Event Lighting

With the introduction of new lighting technologies, increased light usage, and light décor awareness, the demand for production lighting services has increased radically.

Here are 5 ways you can enhance any occasion with proper event lighting:


  • Up-Lighting


Up-lighting involves placing specialty lighting fixtures at the base of columns, trees, or other greenery to create light streaks. The effect results in gorgeous patterns appearing in shadows. 


  • GOBO Lighting


Short for “Go Before Optics,” GOBO lighting comprises small circular disks that project images or patterns onto a wall or screen. 


  • Outdoor Lighting


Outdoor lighting and projection mapping make displaying images on your venue’s walls possible. You can also use outdoor lighting to line the walkway to the doors. 


  • Stage Wash


The stage wash highlights the table for your wedding party or the stage for your speaker so everyone in the room can see. The light is placed across the stage, so it provides good coverage and draws everyone’s attention. 


  • LED Lighting


With the introduction of LEDs, lighting has become economical and improved with more uses than ever. Using LED event lighting will broaden your options for using the lighting and creating a friendly, inviting environment. 

Professional Event Lighting Services

You need to be organized and dedicated when planning an event’s lighting, making sure that every aspect is illuminated well and getting its due attention. If you’re planning an event and are unsure where to begin, visit Jammin Trivia today. From DJ and wedding entertainment to school and corporate events, we can help set up event lighting that blows your guests away.