Your playlist is important. Whether you’re a normal guy or gal headed to the gym, or an experienced DJ choosing the music for 200 wedding guests, the music that you choose can make or break the experience. Music can change your mood, it can motivate you, and it can allow you to perfectly convey whatever sentiment you wish. Here are 5 things to think about when you put together your next playlist…
Who: Who is this playlist meant for? Is it just for you? Is it for high schoolers at a dance or mitzvah? Is it for a room full of wedding guests? Each of these audiences will be expecting something different, and your musical choices will need to reflect that.

What: What is the event? Your musical selection would be vastly different at a sporting event than it would at a cocktail party. At one you might keep it enthusiastic and uplifting, the other more muted and mellow. if you plan just to upload your set to You tube, you might want to check this link to buy youtube likes and promote yourself faster.
When: When is the event set to occur? What season? What occasion? Even the time of day should factor into choosing the music. If you’re getting up for a morning workout, you’d want something significantly more upbeat and busy than if you were trying to set a romantic vibe, late night, after a date.
Where: Where is the venue? Is it a more private setting? Is it outdoors? Each venue has a different ambience and acoustics. Getting the feel of a room or setting is as important as any question on this list.
Why: Why are you playing music in the first place? Is it so that people will have something to dance to? Is it to help you relax as you drink a glass of wine after a long day? Is it meant to motivate? Each of these reasons requires a different touch when it comes to selecting the music.
Moral of the story? Choose your music with intention. You, your guests, and your venue all deserve to be considered when you’re crafting your playlist. Be a musician. Be an entertainer. Everyone deserves better than “Set It and Forget It”.

JAMMIN’ DJs has always encompassed a “Show Must Go On Mentality”! Part of our weekly entertainment we provide throughout Colorado, Georgia, and Oregon is our awesome bar entertainment nights such as Live Pub Style Trivia, Family Feud Style Trivia, Music Bingo, Football Bingo, DJ nights and more! Due to quarantine, Jammin’ DJ’s has obviously been limited when it comes to the number of live events we’ve been able to perform. That said, we have come up with an amazing system that allows us to host a couple of our games virtually with the help of Zoom. For those of you that don’t know, Zoom is a wonderful app that allows for a great number of guests to all be involved in what amounts to one big video conference call. These huge video calls have allowed us at Jammin’ to interact with a stunning number of our players, even though we can’t be there to host them in person.
The games follow the same format as they usually would, 18 questions for FEUD, and 18 plus a lightning round for trivia. Zoom allows for all of the participants to view the computer screen of the host where the questions and answers are displayed. Every Wednesday Jammin’ hosts a version of FEUD, with trivia every Friday. Multiple DJ’s have hosted games, including the captain of the S.S. Jammin’, owner John Murray.

The games have been wildly successful, and have led us to discover a new paperless way to collect team answers using the Virtual DJ program that we use to select music and run our shows. Moving forward, We will likely continue this method at our weekly live events.
Make sure you check us out on Facebook to find links to our virtual games. Come hang out and play with us, from the comfort of your own home!