Great event and was setup about a half hour before guest arrival. We did get a decent amount of rain, however there was enough cover above me to keep everything dry so I played through the ceremony. We also ran almost a half hour late due to them starting the ceremony about 15 minutes late and then the photographer took about an extra 15 minutes.”,”Congratulations to Jenna and Abram! Your wedding was beautiful, just as they always are when we are at the Westin in Westminster. The second I realized I had previously DJ’d a wedding for this group a while back, I knew it was going to be a fun night, and boy was I right. It was just as good as the last wedding that we did for this same group of friends and there was of course an insane amount of dancing! It didn’t matter if it was Usher or Kool and the Gang, the dance floor was the place to be!


DJ Cameron