As an entertainer with Jammin’ DJ’s for going on 5 years, choreographed dance songs have become a really important part of my arsenal as a DJ. In my experience, every dance floor is different. There is actually kind of an art to choosing music that the majority of an audience is excited to dance to. That’s why DJ’s love playing choreographed songs. They’re a cheat code. These songs span generations and guarantee that you’ll have bodies on the dance floor, which is obviously the goal of any great DJ. So, with that said, here are choreographed dances that you should know in order to hold your own on the dance floor.

  1. Copperhead Road – The only country song on this list. The line dance to Copperhead Road is simple, and in my experience the most well known of the country line dances I play at shows. Even though it is a traditional country line dance, the song itself has a really catchy kind of rock groove to it, and the dance even enhances the music when you here the kicks and stomps on the dance floor. Even if you’re not into country, this is a great dance to learn if you want to diversify your game on the dance floor.
  2. Cha Cha Slide – Even though it has a similar concept and vibe to another song later on this list, the Cha Cha Slide is often overlooked when it comes to choreographed dances. The lyrics literally ARE the dance moves, so it’s easy to learn and fun to do. If it weren’t for the next 3 iconic songs on the list, it might even be higher.
  3. Macarena – This one is for all of you 90’s kids out there. Basically just a series of fun and simple hand movements, The Macarena became one of the biggest songs of that decade. Born out of dances like the YMCA, this song has a fun latin feel to it, and as long as you watch everyone else on the dance floor, you’ll pick up the moves in minutes.
  4. Electric Slide – While people have done choreographed dances for centuries, Marcia Griffith’s Electric Slide is really the song that brought line dancing to pop and disco music in the 70’s. Its has extremely simple steps and an amazing beat. Without The Electric Slide, there would be no whipping or nae—nae-ing, and we certainly wouldn’t have our #1 song on this list…
  5. Cupid Shuffle – This song is just catchy. Everyone knows this song today. Seriously… EVERYONE! I’ve seen grandkids teach they’re grandparents this dance. It’s clean, easy, and has natural mass appeal. To this day, if for any reason I need to get people on the dance floor this is my song of choice. The Cupid Shuffle spans generations and genres, so it’s the easiest way to a fun and diverse dance floor.