1. Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Bar and Bat Mitzvah Trends

    Emerging Trends and Tips for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

    A Bar and Bats Mitzvah is the official recognition of the coming of age of a child in the Jewish faith. This rite of passage, celebration, and ceremony is quite an important element of the faith as it also recognizes the responsibilities that the boy or girl will have as they grow up. Simply put, a Bar and Bats Mitzvah is like any other party that involves food, drinks, music, and fun games.  Not…Read More

  2. Lighting Ideas for Parties

    5 Lighting Ideas to Set the Ultimate Mood at Any Party

    Are you looking to level up your party hosting game? If the answer is yes, the only thing you need to focus on is setting the right lighting. While décor and food are non-negotiable parts of any event, setting up the right lighting will help your guests appreciate the décor more and stick around. Also, good lighting means people taking more photos, making the event even more memorable. So, to ma…Read More

  3. Hiring a Wedding DJ

    4 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a DJ for Your Wedding

    Do you know that one thing that makes a wedding truly remarkable and memorable – well, besides the couple’s happiness and food? The music! Whether it’s the wedding march for the ceremony, the first dance, or the songs that keep the party going all night long, the music you have will make your big day even more memorable.   Your wedding’s vibe is why you shouldn’t settle for your friend…Read More

  4. So You Have To Give A Speech…

    Public speaking is one of the most documented phobias in today’s society. Anyone that has ever had to speak publicly has felt some form of nervousness. It’s natural. People want to be liked, and speaking publicly exposes you to the judgement of a large group of people. As entertainers, at Jammin’ DJ’s we are used to it. We speak to large groups for a living. However, this piece is meant fo…Read More

  5. 5 Famous Dances Everyone Should Know

    As an entertainer with Jammin’ DJ’s for going on 5 years, choreographed dance songs have become a really important part of my arsenal as a DJ. In my experience, every dance floor is different. There is actually kind of an art to choosing music that the majority of an audience is excited to dance to. That’s why DJ’s love playing choreographed songs. They’re a cheat code. These songs span …Read More

  6. How To Find Your DJ: Party Edition

    To some people, finding a good entertainer is like finding a needle in a haystack. Hopefully, this blog will be like giving you a metal detector. We can’t pick your DJ for you, but we can certainly help give you the tools to find one that will do your event justice. Nobody likes a party flop, so heed our advice and make your party one that people will remember for the RIGHT reasons. So, where do…Read More

  7. 7 Albums to Live Your Life To

    Music can change you. I think we’ve all had that moment when we’re down in the dumps, and just the right song pops on the radio or Pandora, and suddenly the day just feels different. My favorite thing about music is the fact that it can shift your mood entirely with just a downbeat, nowadays you can get all the music you want with Youtube to Mp3 websites. So, I thought it’d be a fun little e…Read More

  8. The 5 Dancers We All Know and (Sometimes) Love

    Walk into any party, club, or reception and you’re bound to see at least one. Every dance floor the world over is littered with these less than inventive dancers. As a performer and entertainer for nearly five years with Jammin’ DJ’s, I’ve encountered every imaginable dance style. However, some are so predictable that they border on stereotypical. Each with their own merits, here are five …Read More

  9. Mic Tips: Ensuring Everyone Sounds Their Best

      Every voice is different. Literally, vocal patterns are as unique as fingerprints. As a DJ, it is YOUR job to ensure that every voice that speaks or sings into your microphone knows how to use it properly. Here are some tips to help every distinct voice you encounter sounds its best. First, as a DJ, you should know how to use your microphone properly. If you don’t it makes teaching someon…Read More

  10. Cocktail Hours – Are They Worth It?

    Cocktail Hours – Are They Worth It? It’s a question I get every time that I speak to a client about a wedding or party. Every. Time. I always suggest one, and it’s a completely reasonable question to ask. Is a cocktail party worth the extra expense? Unless there is some extreme extenuating circumstance, my answer is always the same… YES. Here are some of the reasons why. Let’s be honest,…Read More