Lighting Ideas for Parties

Are you looking to level up your party hosting game? If the answer is yes, the only thing you need to focus on is setting the right lighting. While décor and food are non-negotiable parts of any event, setting up the right lighting will help your guests appreciate the décor more and stick around. Also, good lighting means people taking more photos, making the event even more memorable.

So, to make sure your guests will enjoy the party to the fullest, look at the following lighting ideas:


Set Up Projection Lights

Projection lights are the perfect mood lighting. You can change the settings of the projection lights to make them move slow or fast according to the party’s theme. Switch the setting to slow if you want your guests to relax and enjoy the food and conversations. If you want them to get up and dance, you can make the lights move fast. 

Projection lights are easy to set up and look best on empty walls. By setting these up, you can also save up on décor.   


Fix Some LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights can be used in several ways. Firstly, they’re cheap and can be set up anywhere from the floor to ceiling or walls. You can also place them behind furniture or art and other decorations to give them backlighting. LED strip lights can also change color and intensity, helping you transition the light from day to night if your party lasts longer.  


Go for Dreamy Natural Light

What’s better for daylight parties than natural daylight? Set up some big net umbrellas if your party is outdoors to provide enough shade and fuse the harsh light. If the party is held indoors, get some silk or lace curtains to fuse it, add some texture to creat a dreamy look. This idea will also save you money and the trouble of setting up extension cords around the house. 


Add Some Artificial Flower Lights

Bring a touch of nature along with some lighting with artificial flower lights. These lights are new in the market are becoming a popular choice for wedding parties and intimate dinners. For outdoor parties, you can stick them along flower beds and bushes or in pots. They can also be arranged in a vase and set up as table centerpieces for outdoor and indoor dinner parties.


Light Up Some (Battery-Operated) Candles

Candles make up for both lighting and coziness. However, having lit flames around a venue where people will be moving about and dancing may not be a great idea. Flameless or battery-operated candles are a great alternative. They create the same soft, romantic ambiance without the hazard of having an open flame. 


If you need more ideas to use lighting to set the right mood for your event, contact My Jammin’ DJs here. We’re based in Denver, using lighting equipment in Aurora, Lakewood, Highlands Ranch, and nearby areas in Colorado to make your events unforgettable.