Bringing joy to the masses is extremely important to all of us in the entertainment business. Not only is it how we make our living, it’s what we love to do. Jammin’ DJ’s own Michael Waldron, stage name DJ Lil’ Joe, has found a way to do what he loves while also giving back to his community in these trying times.

On April 25, 2020, DJ Lil’ Joe was featured in an article by the Greeley Tribune for his work playing music in the community. The article is titled “DJ Lil’ Joe keeps the music alive for the community during COVID-19”. 

The article breaks down Michael Waldron’s work with Wicked Tequila Room in Loveland, CO, and how he got back to doing what he loves, in the midst of the COVID-19 quarantine. Waldron was contacted by Wicked Tequila Room owner, Chrissy French to play music on the patio for patrons picking up their to-go orders. Working only for tips, Waldron decided that donating his time and passion was the best way he could think of to give back to his community, while still pursuing his dream and conveying his love for music. 

The Greeley Tribune article is proof that the community is appreciative of his work. On a larger scale, this just goes to show that people still need music and entertainment in their lives, and that there are people in this world, including Jammin’ DJ’s, that are compelled to provide it.  Waldron has not only inspired the public, but us DJ’s as well. As entertainers, we can also take a lesson from him. As long as there is music playing, people will be excited to listen. So, find a way to get out there and play. Someone, somewhere, will be there to appreciate it along with you.

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