These are the worst things that real brides have said…let us help you keep them from coming out of your mouth, eh?

The good people at The Knot put together the list of things that you probably shouldn’t say to your bridesmaids.

Now, before you say “I’m The Bride!” or “But, It’s My Day!”  Let’s stop and think about things and break this down.

First and foremost, this article is meant to be helpful to you, to help you deal with some of the things that may come up during the whole planning process and lead to the big day.

This article is not meant to say you are doing this or that, but more of a helpful tool to use when you are having one of those really stressed out days.

So the Top 13 Things You Shouldn’t Say To A Bridesmaid:

1. “I’m thinking weekend in Vegas for my Bachelorette!”

2. “My wedding, my wedding, my wedding. How are y– wait, that reminds me of another thing … about my wedding.”

3. “Surprise! I just picked out your (crazy-expensive) bridesmaid dress. Now all you have to do is pay for it.”

4. “Make sure you don’t look too good. I don’t want you upstaging me.”

5. “Let’s all get tans/Botox/personal trainers before the wedding.”

6. “Can you have your hair and makeup professionally done on my big day, and (cough) foot the bill?”

7. “I need you to cover up your tattoo for the wedding, Um-kay?”

8. “Here’s my wedding guest list of 100-plus; please invite them all to the shower you throw me.”

9. “Next six Saturdays: wedding factory at my place. Mandatory attendance, BT-dubs.”

10. “I know you’re a double D, but I’m loving this sheer backless bridesmaid dress.”

11. “Only married couples can bring dates to the reception. My apologies to your boyfriend.”

12. “I’m really disappointed in how (insert maid’s name here) has been performing.”

13. “It’s my day!” (Remember, you have a groom, too!)

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