Are you planning your big day or hosting a large event? Making the smallest additions to your event can make a world of difference. We are going to talk about the  Top 2 Reasons Event Uplighting and Decor Can Help

If you are hosting a corporate party, wedding, school dance, birthday party, bat/bar mitzvah adding lighting to the room creates an atmosphere. Not only does it bring life to the room it also sets a mood. It can change a plain wall or column small or large accents to create the atmosphere for your guest taking your event from good, to great! Its a small addition, requires little space for a big bang!

Uplighting is also great for photography during your event. Providing ambient back lighting where you can control the temperature of the room allows your photographer to capture a life filled backdrop behind your pictures. You’ve seen those photo’s with just a plain wall behind them, not much life right?  You can change that with tasteful decor to add specific colors that can match the room decor to add that special touch to your event!

When you are planning an event, whether it is a wedding, corporate party, mitzvah, birthday, school dance etc, one major part of the planning typically is decor.  Now when people traditionally think decor, they focus on linens, flowers, centerpieces, etc.  I wanted to take a moment and show how decor and up-lighting should be a part of your planning and included at every event!  It is a simple add on that is relatively inexpensive and can do wonders for your decor options.

Here is a great example, my team and I @jammindjs decided to use the gorgeous ballroom at the Denver Athletic Club as our testing ground.  This room hardly needs any help with decor, however take a look at our video we put together to see what is achieved with some decor lighting.